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How Moving into a Home in El Paso Can Meet Your Wants and Needs

View of the downtown El Paso Skyline, from the Scenic Drive Overlook, in El Paso, Texas

Maybe you’re an adventurous person that is far from fearful of change. Maybe, more specifically, you like to experience and yearn for a different taste of life by moving into a new city. The city of El Paso is more than capable of bringing zest to your dynamic lifestyle. El Paso is not only composed of vibrancy and opportunity, but it also offers the gift of beautiful homes, unique with a desert-like spark, which is guaranteed that you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s touch on the specifics that home-settling in El Paso has to offer. 

Housing Authority of the City of El Paso

El Paso is blessed with a program that specifically helps low-income families move into and buy a home that is not affordable but is also safe, sanitary, and in good condition. What makes this program even better to work with is that tenant and household members that are listed on the lease have the right to exclusive use of the occupancy. Your privacy will be sustained for the comfort of your home. 

We Care for Your Home

The city of El Paso is a town fruitful with history and stories, therefore, people are sympathetic to preserving this history through our homes and buildings. Just recently, a movement took place in the Duranguito neighborhood of El Paso to prevent the city from tearing down the homes that lay there with an abundance of history. El Paso natives cared about not only preserving the site’s history but as well as the lives that grew and lay in those homes. Finding a house in El Paso is much easier when you have locals that are inclined towards making sure you have a home for you to build a comfortable life in. 

Attractions and Proximity

El Paso alone thrives with unique and lovely attractions, but what also compliments this city is that there are various locations in close proximity for you to travel and vacation in. El Paso is a border city between the state of New Mexico and the country of Mexico. Simple getaways are made easy when you live in a city that is only a couple of hours away from your desired destination and, of course, you will return to your home in the state that you left it in


A home is a place where you feel most confident that you are protected from danger. El Paso provides safe homes because these homes lie in a safe city. In fact, for it being a metropolis, the southwest town is considered one of the safest in the entire country to reside in. Our city preserves safety in careful home building, law enforcement, and El Pasoans that support living in a secure manner. 

Picking A Home with Vision Realty

Finding a home can be tough, but it can be even more of a task when you are finding a new city to live in. Contact Vision Realty today to get started on finding a home in El Paso that meets your desires!

Tips on Prepping Your Home for Rent

Woman taking a photo of a living room interior with a tablet

Renting out your home seems like a great and smart technique of building on your finances or simply just looking to selling your home. But before you can get ahead of yourself, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Potential home-buyers want to have options and, of course, they are going to think over which house is best for them. The competition can be heavy at times, but if you follow these few tips, it just might make it that much more easier for you. 

  • Clean Vents and Replace Air Conditioning Filters

This is a home-responsibility that many people tend to forget about. When potential buyers come into your house, they are prone to examining even the smallest of details, so just like them, you have to be meticulous about the cleanliness of your house. Dust is bound to collect around and on the air conditioning filters; make it a habit to keep it as clean and spotless as possible. Another little detail potential buyers will notice is the quality of the air and heat and how well it is ventilated in a house. This is determined plenty by the air filters, which fast and simple to replace if need be.

  • Professionally Clean the Carpets

Your carpets can a whole lot about you and how well you take care of your home. Stains can be so dissatisfying to the human eye, so even something as insignificant as a little spill or splotch can make a buyer turn away from the possibility of renting out your home. It’s understandable that stains can be tough to clean and erase from your carpets. Professional steam cleaners are available in helping you rid of stains and spots on your carpets.

  • Declutter and Remove Personal Valuables

Clutter leads to filth and filth is not something anyone would want in their home. In order to rid your home of clutter, think about what you don’t need and how you can reorganize items that you do need. Dedicate a day of your time by sorting out unnecessary clutter. You should also relocate personal valuables to a safe and soft place in your house. Personal items such as fine china, jewelry boxes, sculptures can cause too much of a cautious setting, where buyers cannot be comfortable to move around freely.

  • Fix and Repair Anything That is Broken

Just because you might be okay with it being broken, doesn’t mean other people will. Whether you caused the breaking of home items or not, you are obliged to fix it. When home-seekers come across broken furniture or interior, they are told that they cannot rely on you. In order for a home-seeking client to buy from you, they want to be able to instill their trust in you. From cracked windows to creaky cabinets, it’s your job to make these repairs as soon as possible. 

  • Make Sure All Appliances are Working

A home is not a home without fully-functioning appliances. Sometimes it is too often and out of our control, when an appliance breaks down. But is in our control to get it taken care of. Home buyers want to be able to cook without having to tweak the stove nor wash clothes without kicking the washer for a jumpstart. When you come home, you automatically expect these appliances to be working, especially because these are machines we need for our everyday use, even when we may not realize it. Help your home-renting process by testing your appliances to see if they are fully-functioning. 

Getting You Started

In reality, it is not too difficult to keep your home in tip-top shape. Vision Realty is here to properly manage your property and so much more. Give us a call today and we can go more into depth in regards to the services we can provide you for your home!

Leaving El Paso? 3 Reasons to Rent Your Home Instead of Selling It


Whether it’s a new job or a personal decision, moving is stressful. When you have a home, it adds an additional layer to your situation. Do you sell it? Do you keep it? It’s always wise to weigh your options and consider what makes the most sense for your situation. For example, if you’re likely to move back, it doesn’t make sense to go through the trouble of selling something you’ve already invested in. Additionally, if you have grown-up sons or daughters, you may want to consider allowing one of them to take care of it. You should also consider the benefits of renting it out while you’re away. 

We’ve mapped out three reasons to consider renting your home instead of selling it, all of which will provide you with long term advantages. Take a look: 

1. Additional Income or Income to Supplement Your New Cost of Living

A rental home can help you while you are living in a different city. Given that El Paso’s cost of living is affordable compared to other cities, you will either bring in income that helps you afford a new home or apartment, or you’ll have additional income. Many homeowners have used a rental home as their way of paying off debt or saving for their children’s college funds.  

2. Increase the Property Value

With a thriving real estate industry, there’s every reason to keep your home. It is likely that the value of your home will increase each year, depending on where it’s located. If your home is located in a desirable area, why not allow it the property value to increase while you’re away? You can rent it until you’re fully ready to part with it and you’ll benefit from the higher sale. 

3. Benefit from the Tax Deductions

If you’re not already aware, there are tax benefits of renting your home. So even if you’re not bringing in the income of a rental home year-round, you can still benefit from the tax deduction you’ll receive.    

We’re Here For You!

Renting out your home while you live in a different city can be challenging. That’s why we’re here! Vision Realty provides the best property management services in El Paso. We’ll ensure your tenant’s needs are met so you’ll never have to question how things are going. Your rental as a whole will be in good hands when you partner with us. If tenants move out, we’ll help with the process of getting new ones in. 

From helping you initially rent your home to keeping tenants happy, Vision Realty is here for all your property management needs. Connect with us today to learn more!

Four Ways to Preserve Your Rental While Still Making it Feel Like Home

home decor in a rentalCreating a home sweet home for your family takes a few things—love, comfort, and other puzzle pieces, such as furniture and decor that come together perfectly to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. However, if you live in a rental home, finding that unique balance between love and decor can be difficult, especially if you want your safety deposit back. These tips can help you decorate to your heart’s content without damaging a bunch of things in your rental.

Tip #1: Rugs Go a Long Way

Rugs are a great way to spruce up a room without causing any damage—literally! In fact, they can add an extra layer of protection to your floors. Plus, they look great, and can really turn any old rental into a home that is uniquely yours. Rugs are a great accessory every home renter should take advantage of.

Tip #2: Get Creative with Storage

Storage can often be something that rental homes don’t come equipped with, so you have to get creative with it. However, using items such as trunks, baskets, and closet organizers can also work to make a home feel like home while also giving you that extra bit of storage space you really need.

Tip #3: Removable Wallpaper is Your Best Friend

Not every rental manager will let you paint your rental. And even if they did, painting can be such a hassle. That is why we love removable wallpaper. It allows you to dazzle up your walls without damaging or altering them in any way. Then, once it’s time to move out, all you have to do is remove it and voila, you’re done.

Tip #4: Command Hooks Can Come in Handy

Instead of using nails or tacks, command hooks and sticky pads can both make hanging up artwork that much easier. You can decorate your walls as much as you like without leaving damage. Simply unstick them to your wall once it’s time to move out.

Contact Vision Realty Today!

Whether you’re looking for a temporary home or a home sweet home, we can help. At Vision Realty, we make it our goal to help people rent out their properties and to help families find homes that work for them. We can be the bridge between people looking to rent out their home and others who are looking for a home to rent, and we’re happy to do just that. Give us a call or check out our listings on our website for more information today!

Why You Should Work with a Residential Property Management Team

a residential property management team member showing a home to potential tenantsOne of the greatest benefits of owning a home is the unbridled freedom home ownership has to offer. Not only can you do as you wish with your home, but you can also use it as a source of income by renting it out to tenants. By renting out your home, you’ll have a steady source of income every month and you won’t have to worry about selling your home with a real estate agent. But renting out a home is its own full-time job. If you’re planning on embarking on a rental venture, Vision Realty can help!

1) We Will Find the Best Tenants

Even though you’re renting out your home, it’s still your home through and through so it’s necessary to find tenants who will treat your property with respect and care. Finding the right tenants, however, isn’t as easy as it may sound. You basically have to interview all your potential tenants to find out if they’ll be able to pay rent on time and if they have any previous issues that might signify them as a bad tenant. Instead of worrying about finding the right tenant, let our team take care of this. We know exactly what to look for when searching for tenants and we’ll find the best ones for your home!

2) If Any Issue Arises, We Will Step In and Take Care of the Situation

Even if we find the right tenants, issues can still occur and it will be our job to take care of anything that may happen. If, for example, a tenant needs to be evicted, you won’t have to get your hands dirty. We’ll take care of the eviction process ourselves so your home will be free from harm as soon as possible. We will also collect rent as well as security deposits.

3) No Need to Worry About Maintenance

One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of working with a residential property management team comes down to the maintenance. If something goes wrong in the house, your tenants won’t have to fix the issue themselves. You also won’t have to go out and take care of any issue. We will step in and provide the proper maintenance so neither you nor your tenants will have to worry about anything. We will even do the yardwork so your property will look gorgeous all year long. If you’re ready to rent out your home in the most efficient way possible, give Vision Reality a call today!

Finding the Right Rental Homes in El Paso

Rental homes are ubiquitous in the El Paso area. In fact, rent for most of these homes tends to only be a couple of hundred dollars more than living in an apartment complex. Rental homes combine the best of both worlds; on one hand, you’ll be able to live in your very own building and on the other, you won’t have to worry about repairs! The freedom of living in a home and the peace of mind that comes from living in an apartment complex, all wrapped up in a conveniently priced package. If you’re ready to move into the rental home of your dreams, then give Vision Realty a call!

What to Look For in Rental Homes

When it comes to finding a new place of residence, it’s necessary to keep in mind your needs then move onto your wants. Do you need a home with a washer and dryer in the unit? Or could you compromise for washer/dryer hookups? Also, will you want to bring your pet to your new home? If so, only look for homes that allow pets and be aware of the pet fee you’ll have to pay. But if you don’t have a pet or don’t mind doing your laundry at a laundromat, then you’ll be able to open up your search. Other important details to consider include refrigerated air vs evaporative cooling, one story vs two, street parking vs garage parking, the number of rooms, and the location of the home. Would you like to live close to work or close to friends and entertainment? Keep these details in mind in order to succeed!

What To Expect When Moving In

So you’ve finally found the right rental home, now it’s time to move in! Get started on the right food and find out the parking rules around your home. If you’re moving somewhere in Downtown El Paso, you might need a parking decal in order to avoid tickets. If you have time during the day, visit City Hall and buy your decal. Each decal comes with a visitor’s pass so if you’re moving in boxes from a moving truck, you can place that pass on the rearview mirror and move your belongings in without fearing any tickets! If you’re unsure about what to do next, the Vision Realty team will gladly help. Give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer!

Are Homes for Rent Your Best Option?

When searching for a place to live, home rentals can be the best option. Although this all depends on your particular situation, it’s always a good idea to see the options available. Homes for rent offer more freedom than apartments and fewer responsibilities than hohomeownershipBut is this the right choice for you? Vision Reality can help you make the right decision. Keep reading to learn more about what separates homes for rent from apartments and homes for sale.

Low Monthly Payments, No Need to Worry About Loud Upstairs Neighbors

The low monthly payments of rental homes may be the most appealing detail out of all of them. For starters, the monthly cost of rental homes in the El Paso area tends to be around the same as the cost of renting an apartment. The difference, however, boils down to the size of the home and the freedom the home offers. Unlike apartment complexes, where tenants all live in close proximity to each other, home renters will be able to live comfortably without worrying about noisy upstairs neighbors.

No Need to Worry About Maintenance

Home rentals are incredibly close to homeownership, as well. Home owners, however, have to deal with all the issues that come with owning a home. Most new homes come with warranties in case anything were to happen to the roof, for example. But if you purchase a home that’s not new, you’ll be responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep. When renting a home, you won’t have to worry about tending to any of the appliances or utilities, that’s the landlord’s responsibility! Property management firms tend to take care of rental homes so tenants only have to worry about paying the monthly rent and the utilities. The property management firm will take care of the rest.

There are Plenty of Options Available

Now that we’ve gone over the differences, it’s time for you to make a decision. Vision Realty has homes for rent available all across the El Paso area. Now’s your chance to move into a home that’s closer to work or near your favorite restaurants or the best schools. The world is your oyster when you choose rental homes. If you have any questions, give our team a call. We can further elaborate on what makes rental homes the best option. Before long, you’ll be moving into the right home.

Team Up with a Property Manager This Year!

a tablet with the words property management on the screenMake 2019 the year you invest in rental property! Unlike stocks, properties provide investors with a real, tangible way to use your savings for good. But, unlike other forms of investing, property investing requires upkeep. This is where property managers come into play. Vision Realty provides property management services to individuals in the El Paso area so your investment will be well taken care of. Continue reading to learn more about what we can do to help you succeed!

Leave The Renter Search To Us

Now that you’ve invested in property, it’s time to put it to good use! The first step in doing so is by finding the perfect tenants for your property. Now, we understand that you’re a busy individual who may not have any free time to list the property online or to do interviews with potential renters. When you team up with a property manager, you won’t have to worry! Our team will take care of everything, from the initial tenant search through to any maintenance or even evictions, if necessary. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. In order to find the right tenants, it’s necessary to spend time searching in all the right places. Since we’re pros at this, we’ll find the right tenant in no time and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Your Property Will Be Well Maintained

As a property management team, you can leave all your woes in the hands of Vision Realty. If something were to occur in your rental property, let’s say the air conditioner breaks down, the tenant won’t have to go to you for repairs. Instead, they’ll be able to come to us and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible. This is great for a variety of reasons, chief among them the simple truth that neither you nor your tenants will have to worry about a single maintenance issue. Simply leave it up to us!

We’ll Take Care of Any Issues

Tenants may appear perfect on paper but things can come up that may lead to issues down the road. If a tenant doesn’t pay for rent and they get evicted, our team will deal with the issue so you won’t have to worry. When we say we offer all-encompassing service, we mean it! Give Vision Realty a call today to learn more about what our property management services have to offer.

Signs You’re Not Ready to Buy a Home and the Benefits of Renting

benefits of renting

Does it seem like half of the people you follow on Instagram are posting pictures of their new homes? Perhaps a cat sitting on a velvet accent chair, a new plant near the window basking in the sunlight, or a before and after collage of all the renovations they’ve done thus far. The desire to achieve a similar status can be easily contagious the more you scroll down their feed, eyeing every photo that pieces their journey of homeownership together and being careful not to let your thumb hit the little heart icon.   

Before you jump on the wagon consider this — there’s no denying that becoming a homeowner is a lifetime achievement that comes with a celebratory popping of champagne, but what those perfectly angled, filtered photos don’t reveal is all the financial responsibility and meticulous decision making that goes into buying a home.

If the itch of homeownership is a daily nuance, it’s best to explore whether you’re in the position to buy a home in the first place. Your quest shouldn’t be complicated. These are the common signs that suggest you’re not ready:

You’re likely going to move within five years or less.

Knowing you’ll be moving in less than five years is one good reason not to buy a home. The process of buying a home takes time and if you’ll eventually be listing it before the five-year mark, why bother?  

You don’t have a down payment saved.

Most lenders require a minimum 10% down payment but it’s always best to aim for 20%. If you don’t have 10-20% saved, avoid buying a home. Anything less will come with a high interest rate.

You’re not in love with the homes you’ve seen.

New homes get listed every day. Finding one that meets your needs and desires won’t be easy but if you haven’t found one that you absolutely love, it’s best to keep looking.   

Instead, consider the benefits of renting until you are ready

The photo ops can wait. There’s no need to rush into buying a home when you’re truly not ready. Renting a home as you decide whether El Paso will be your forever city, save for a down payment, and attend more open houses, is the best thing you can do. Renting has its own set of benefits that homeowners might be missing this very minute. Here are a few of them:

Ability to save for vacations.

A low rental rate means that you’ll have the ability to set aside money more easily. Instead of jumping into homeownership, you can be jumping into a ship on your way to the Caribbean.

It’s much easier to pick up and leave.

Chasing after your dream career? Renting gives you the ease of picking up when you get that amazing offer in a different part of the country.

You won’t have to worry about maintenance.

If there’s one thing that takes the cherry of renting vs. buying it’s not having to worry about maintenance. Maintenance comes in many shapes and forms, from a broken pipe to a faulty heater, but as a renter, you won’t have to deal with any of those troubles. Your property manager will be but only a phone call away.   

Find Your Perfect Rental With the Help of Vision Realty

If your goal is to eventually own a home, we completely understand the sentiment — it’s a lifetime achievement that we should all strive for; however, if your lifestyle doesn’t match that of a homeowner, that’s okay! Renting a home can be just as favorable. In many cases, renting a home gives you more freedom and less hassle.

When you need assistance finding the perfect rental in El Paso, give us a call. At Vision Realty, we’re committed to helping El Paso residents find a rental home in their ideal community and location. With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge you need to secure a rental that meets your needs. Connect with us today to learn more.

Tips For Avoiding Home Rental Scams

homes for rent

For many people, looking for homes for rent is a good option for numerous reasons. From keeping your mobility and avoid being weighed down by heavy mortgage payments, many people in this day and age actually prefer to rent than to own. Whatever the reason may be, the rental market is going strong, and many people find happy loving homes this way. However, when you are looking for homes for rent in El Paso, or anywhere else, there are things you need to avoid in order to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. It’s an unfortunate fact that rental scams run rampant today, so it is important to not only ensure you are renting from a legitimate renter but that the home you get is not a lemon in disguise. This is why it is in your best interest to work with a group like Vision Realty. Our agents will always ensure that any rental home we list is clean, legitimate, and exactly what it says.

Here are some tips to avoid rental scams and disappointments.

Offer Too Good to be True? It Probably Is.

Whether you are a first time renter, new to a city, or maybe even someone who thinks they got lucky on Craigslist, one important thing to remember is to know the market. If you come across a deal that seems too good to be true, beware. More than likely, it is! There are many types of scams that are currently going around and it’s important to be wary of “really good” offers. This is especially true for people who are not currently located in the city they are looking to rent in. So how can you avoid being scammed?

Here are a couple of tips:

Are you in the city you are looking to rent in? YES.

  • Call the number provided.
  • Ask for a showing.
  • Never trust anyone who asks for bank information or credit card information before you actually visit the house.

What if I’m not in the city I’m looking to rent in?

  • Do you have anyone who can visit the property for you? Have them do it.
  • No one in the area? Look up the property on Zillow or county records.
  • No legitimate renter will ask for bank information or credit card information without confirming that they are a legitimate renter.
  • If they ask for a deposit before you can get to the city, try to find a third party rental company who will confirm the transaction for you. The last thing you need is to get to a new city only to find that you have been scammed and have no place to live.

Always Do A Thorough Inspection of the Property

Sometimes you can get lucky. You can find a great deal in a great location and the home can be in perfect condition. Sometimes, pretty paint and presentation can hide a lot of problems. If you can, get a third party to inspect the property or at least the major appliances, such as the HVAC, water heater, and plumbing. You don’t want to be billed for a pre-existing problem simply because you were ignorant of it in the first place.

Vision Realty Can Save You From Scams and Headaches

When it comes to finding good options for homes for rent, don’t leave it to chance. Vision Realty has the resources and people to make sure you find what you need. Call us today!

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